You wont believe What they are doing to our Weather and the Insects!

Love The Bugs?

They are telling us not to kill flies and wasps that venture into your home this summer.


They say that the insect population has dwindled over the last 20 years by up to 60% in the UK. It may vary in other countries.

They have also hinted that the plummeting numbers threaten the collapse of nature.



Weather problems

You don’t have to go far with your search on the web to find out about cloud seeding or chemtrails.

Cloud seeding

On the one hand, you will find out that, due to the droughts, using cloud seeding technology, rain can be ‘manufactured,’ helping reduce poor crop yields.
(Let’s just forget about all the sliver iodide introduced into the food chain once the ‘chemical rain’ is ingested by the plants.)


On the other hand, chemtrails, which usually have the same effect of causing clouds to almost magnetically band together, and cause rain, have another more noticeable impact for those that have eyes to see.

Chemtrail patterns target the sun by spraying where the sun will be once their payload has dispersed into a milky sheet of particles that darken the sun at worst or dampen its effectiveness
as it reflects the rays with nanoparticle mirrors.
Their theory is that reflecting the sun’s rays would slow down global warming.

However, as you can see, this also can cause crops to fail and other problems:

Light pollution and insects

This, alongside more uses of toxic pesticides

Contaminated soil is used to grow contaminated crops, and some of these are fed to cows that produce manure that is used to fertilize more contaminated crops.  Farmers even have to pump the soil with chemicals to offset some of this.


The water and targeted pestilence

If you watched the documentary “watch the water”

You will see that they are seeing that they can target people based on preexisting conditions and deliver biological agents to you via the water system.
In this documentary, they mention the pipes but look up and see what they are doing in the skies to create rainfall with these toxins.

They can program these not to affect you immediately but think of it as a prolonged-release and that it affects different people at different times and with tailored illnesses.



You are being attacked by the enemy trying to degrade your health by poison in the air, the land, and the water.

If the soil gets poisoned by the air and toxic pesticides and GM boosters, then we need to be wise and go organic.  We also need to be fit and healthy, as some of these toxins will prey on the infirm with pre-existing conditions.


The Gulf Stream

Combine all this with a shutdown of the Gulf Stream, which is inevitable if they continue to disrupt and modify weather. You will get a new ice age, certainly across Europe and the Northern United States, and weather chaos.

A temperature drop in the Southern States and Caribbean islands will not be as bad, yet they are more at the mercy of the waters.

Thus you would pray not to flee or travel in the winter due to the extreme cold. In our bible study, snow and the spirit over it were explained.

You see a bigger picture when you put all these pieces together alongside the media propaganda about climate change that they are creating.
There are many spokes in their wheel of destruction that many do not have the eyes to see, nor the ears to hear when they are told.


The enemy is smart

The enemy is very, very smart. And seemingly has all bases covered.

We need to endure to the end as Mashiach said. 


Our Elohim will fight our battles.

Praise Yahuah and pray for the coming of His Son and that the time is cut short.

Once all these things implode, there will be famine and chaos that will be very hard to endure and that’s without any portals opening!



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  1. Yahnah, thanks for this much needed insight. This is very deep and prophetic for those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear. Praise Yah! Definitely perilous times in every single way. It’s so crazy because a couple months ago I saw a video where the powers that shouldn’t be advise mankind get used to eating more bugs really soon ?. They want to control everything from the weather ?️and food source. Yahusha is coming back for us soon. All Praises Be To The Most High YAH ??❤️??

    1. You’re right Yasharela. They’re also showing cultists that currently eat bugs and such much more frequently in random YouTube feeds. There was a show before call Fear Factor. Not sure if you’re familiar with it. However, it’s been pre programming to accept what was coming from a long time ago. They’re running out of time because they know what we know. Our King will soon return. Praise Yah.

      1. Praise Yah ??

        Yes I remember that show, I couldn’t stomach too much of it ???….

  2. Wow Yahnah. You confirmed something I’ve been seeing in the scripture for a time now. I’m not sure if you were there when I asked Unc about it. In regards to the rainbow and when it appears. Cloud seeding and chemtrails are used to induce rain correct? Which is why we rarely see rainbows anymore(except in the flags lol). Yah made a promise to Noah in regards to this. Genesis 9:13-17
    [13]I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.
    [14]And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud:
    [15]And I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh.
    [16]And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth.
    [17]And God said unto Noah, This is the token of the covenant, which I have established between me and all flesh that is upon the earth.

    The key to this is verse 14:

    [14]And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud:


    No rainbow, no YAH. Man made.

    We definitely have to cling to our Abba YAH in this time more than ever because as you said, the enemy is very smart. Good thing Yahuah surpasses intelligence. His Ruach will bring all we need to know to light. He who has the the ears to hear. Praise Yah. Thank you for bringing this out.

    1. That was amazing Yah had you bring this up and then immediately gave confirmation when our brothers and sisters started seeing rainbows. As in the days of Noah, shall it be when our King returns. Praise Yah ??

  3. Shalom YahshaYahu,

    I was going to mention this before, but I am paying very close attention to the clouds and weather and noticed we are getting so much rain and clouds without any rainbows (maybe for a few years where I am).

    I was feeling a bit downhearted about that, as I was also pondering Jeremiah 3:14 (because the remnant is going to be very small!) and I saw a double-rainbow pierce through the clouds directly opposite my window.
    We stared at it for ages, and I felt a confirmation that the Most High has not forgotten us or the covenant.

    It also was a confirmation that this weather manipulation is definitely going on and has increased with chemtrails almost daily to block the direct access to the sun, and it forms rain as a by-product.

    Several people in the study saw double rainbows recently around the same time. (Ask Uncle).

    The next day after that rainbow, that area was not tampered with by those planes/drones that are spraying.

    All Praises to The Most High Yah!

    1. Wow. I still have yet to see a rainbow. Praise Yah he gave you confirmation and reaffirmed his Covenant. HalleluYAH. After coming to the understanding of him Him pouring his bow in the cloud I’ve been looking out for it myself. They’ve definitely tampered with the environment where I am. That’s probably why he brought us back to the Garden of Righteousness so quickly. The other day heading to work, I looked up and saw the chemtrails above me. Very early morning. I took photos. I’ll probably send them to Unc soon. I meant to but I forgot. I just praise Yah for opening our eyes to the reality we live in. Just goes to show how much he’s covering us. Praise Yah.

  4. Praise Yah, some people are starting to look and see. May Yah’s will be done.

    We need to treat these as signs of the times in the heavens.

    I used to get upset firstly that i could see what they were doing and how evil it was. I grow somw crops and this was slowing down the productivity immensely.

    I would explain the possible implications of this to those close to me but it would fall on deaf ears.

    I too would notice them spraying very early before most people were awake., so they would not know how relentless this is.

    I cannot tell you of the last time I’ve seen stars at night… probably 5 years.

    Many people do not consider these things and the meaning of them.

    After the rainbows, i recently got a feeling that this is all in Yahs will. We have to wait patiently as it plays out, but be ready for any further instructions as to how to navigate. The enemies think they are cunning , but Yah sees all.

    Pray for help navigating these perious times and the traps the enemy lays.

    It may mean you need to relocate at some stage. For us, the pollution is really bad and that alongside the other man made pestilences and rising costs, we may have leave the city and downsize. Its funny, but we just moved here after nearly 7 years building up to it. But He told me, to be prepared to give it up.

    He hasnt forgotton us and will rescue us. It is written.

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