Portals, Bunkers, and Power Shifts

I was speaking with Uncle Yahshuah, and the mention of the city Astana came up. I said I’ll try and put something together as he may bring this up in our study.



I remember once, a long time ago, I worked for a company with offices across the way from an old medieval church.
In their basement were some secret passages connected to the church. And an exit many hundreds of meters away.
I think they were used as a means of escape in centuries past.

I’m recalling this as I look at what is unfolding in the world with regard to how it is lining up with scripture and prophecy. Many think it is happening rapidly, and many don’t see it at all.

Many of the rich have been getting richer, most likely due to insider knowledge and the epidemic of the last few years.

Many have been building doomsday bunkers. Sales have shot up since the 2019 incident, but even more so since the Ukraine war.
Do they know something that we don’t?


Going back to what I’ve mentioned at the beginning, it seems that many super-rich are preparing for something, as the world as we know it is changing.

Institutions are collapsing, war, pestilence, and soon famine will be upon us. Hmmm, where have I heard of these things before?

Like how a caterpillar sheds its cocoon and becomes a butterfly, or a phoenix rises from the ashes; When the elites hope to resurface from their underground bunkers after they bring down the current system, they will require a new seat of power from which to govern the world.

It may mean completely destroying some western countries in the process, but they do not care.

As I was awakening, I read anything I could to try and make sense of what was happening in 2019. I remember reading of a secret satanic city being built in Astana.

It piqued my interest as I watched the Tour de France, and there was a team called Astana from Kazakhstan.

So, I looked a bit more into it, and lo and behold, this city has weird masonic buildings and symbols, towers, and pyramids. There is a giant pentagram on the ground there too.


There was a lot of talk of this city becoming the capital of the New World Order. It’s old news now, but it still holds weight.


It seems like it is all built but just waiting for the people to come (or return), as it is not a bustling city. At the time, I didn’t consider that this was the original country of the ‘so-called’ people in our land.



Just a thought – it is one of the coldest capital cities, with temperatures going down to -40.
When Yahushua brings the heat, they will be thawing out while the rest of the world burns.

Question: If you knew the world would heat up to unbearable temperatures in the next decades or so, where would you move to?
Answer: Probably somewhere cold. Hmmmm.

Antarctica has a treaty whereby these nations or Edom / Esau etc have a pact to pretty-much leave it alone.

Recently, there have been some reports of a cathedral-like city under the ice with shrimp-like creatures spotted.



(That reminds me of what we were talking about in the lesson about shrimp-like spirit babies)

What secrets are hidden there that these perpetual oath-breakers absolutely keep an oath about?

Anyway, these are just my random musings about heat and these cold northern countries.



Looking at the map, Astana is in Kazakhstan (land of the Khazars) and is almost equidistant between Russia and China.
Smart money would suggest this will be part of the new world power structure once the western powers fade.


Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa have formed an alternate reserve currency. This will circumnavigate the dollar.

This means that the west can sanction Russia all they want and cut off their dollar accounts and membership of SWIFT for banking.

They have already set up an alternative system. All Russia needs to do is wait for the dollar to crumble. They can then just all trade together.

They do not need to bow to America’s might or use the UK’s corrupt banking systems to move money around. This will diminish western power.



They have renamed Astana after the Nur Sultan. Maybe it was too exposed in recent years as part of the Illuminati and Occult and was rebranded?

Swapping the first two letters of Astana reveals probably another name all too easily. Who knows?



I was remembering the new Meta device that is aptly named ‘Portal’, regarding the portals to wicked spirits opening in the end days.

I was thinking that this post isn’t going anywhere – I don’t have enough solid meat here, but things have been brought out of remembrance.

I put on my son’s game console today, and the number one game is ‘Portal’. I laughed on the inside as that came out of nowhere.

I randomly asked my mother if she was celebrating on July 4th, as the thought came to me about celebrations. That wasn’t it, so I looked up portals on the web and bingo! CERN is celebrating July 5th and starting up their [portal] device again.


They are looking for anti-matter as one of their experiments.


There are many videos and places on the web that can corroborate and many that will debunk it.

They start things again on July 5th, so be on the watch!

The Meta (Facebook) Portal line is being discontinued, but I don’t think it means it’s all over. They may have enough installations to meet their goals. How many Tyrannosaurus Rexs do you need coming out of a portal in your town to consider it unsafe to go out?



The Jim Jones Juice frenzy about getting everyone vaxxed up is now somewhat diminished. It doesn’t mean that they haven’t accomplished their goals.

To me, it certainly looks like they just won round one in this fight to pull the wool over the eyes of the sheep.
All they need to do now is have another scare, and those same sheep won’t think twice about getting the poke.

Maybe they only expected a smaller percentage to willingly offer themselves as a sacrifice to take the juice?
When they first mentioned that shots were coming in 2019, I thought there was no way the public would buy into that.
I was so surprised that people were practically begging to get it. They were proud of getting it too.

Ironically, Fauci has recently had double (rebound) covid after being full jabbed and twice boosted.



Anyway, this started out as a reminder to Uncle about that city, but more information came to me as I wrote.

Hopefully, Uncle can fill in the gaps in the study!


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  1. Wow ?…. thanks for sharing this. Lots of good meat. I just heard about July 5th yesterday.

    Shalom ?️

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