Population Implosion



Statistics can be used to manipulate figures to show whatever results you want from a data set.

However, there are some facts and figures you cannot hide or gloss over very easily.

The white population in America has declined since 2019 by approx 6million

This may have been a catalyst to the Rowe vs Wade decision, so they could try and address the declining birth rates of Caucasians in America.

What springs to mind is Obidayah and there may be other scriptures talking about the decline.


It is interesting to note that this decline started around the year that the 400-year prophecy was over, and other prophecies are starting to be fulfilled, such as the mass awakening of Yahsharel worldwide.




As Yahsharel starts to awaken from slumber, return to the laws of Yahuah, and repent for their sins, the end of this system will be upon them.


The enemy is trying very hard to stop the awakening with fear, division, deception, and mass death, especially for those not covered.

They are also trying the tactics of getting us to curse ourselves
by means of accepting their poisons, sorcery, and false forms of worship.


Not following all the commandments is the first stumbling block, and playing the harlot with the (western) nations by accepting their traditions and gods has never gone well for Yahsheral in the past!

You can try to read Ezekiel to see how upset Yahuah was with them for that. We need to come out of her! Spiritually first.



The other interesting fact is that the rate of rising of the Alphabet persuasion is almost proportional to the decline in the caucasian birthrate.


There was a lot of backlash when Bill Maher suggested that at the rate we are going with gender, we might all be gay by 2054.




It certainly looks like the time for telling the people to repent is coming to its close.

Matthew 10:14-15


Revelation 11:7-8


Everything is being flipped on its head in these last days

Isaiah 5:20


Isaiah 55:6-7


Repent and Seek the Father, whilst he can still be found!

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  1. Praise Yah ??

    Someone mentioned that we really don’t know the true number of people, they could be lying about that. They are definitely seeing some of the signs of Yahsharal waking up. No weapon formed against Yah’s children will prosper. Like Unc say we may lose some battles but our Mashiach has already won the war. All Praises To The Most High ??

    The rainbow had been coming up a lot in Bible study fellowship and we know Yah will not be mocked. Next time it’s fire and not water and Yah has the last laugh.

    APTTMH AHAYAH ??❤️??

    Psalm 59:8 But thou, O Lord, shalt laugh at them; thou shalt have all the heathen in derision.

    Psalm 2:4 He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.

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