Forget CERN! These PORTALS No One Is Talking ABOUT! SLIGHT OF HAND ROE V WADE Ask Uncle Yahshuah?

I was stating that the Hebrew that’s spoken in the Cepher is not correct.. Also it’s ok to read the Cepher and Strongs bibles, but a lot of people get an attachment to the Cepher and Strongs and they both have a lot of errors in them as well.
The attachment that most brews have to the Cepher and the Strongs is a huge red flag as the people who created these bibles are actually the beast.
Most people don’t do any history on these authors… They just believe and quote everything that’s in them… It’s okay to have them and read them just don’t become attached to them Yahshral… NO STRONGHOLDS!
The King James is still the best of the worst that we have in the English tongue. BUT NO STRONGHOLDS TO ANYTHING BUT YAH!!!!
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