about uncle yahshuah

Uncle Yahshuah is a lifestyle Mentor, entrepreneur, and a Minister, among other things. He became a self-made millionaire before the age of 30 and then suffered a very tragic loss. 

He has since bounced back and begun the journey of his Ministry. Educating and teaching others everywhere he goes, which includes self-mastery, finance, health and wellness, and coming back unto the covenant of The Most High Yah. 

He is a 20 plus year vegan, and he has also completed two years as an organic fruitarian. So what he teaches, he has lived and experienced, not just read about; this makes him different from all the gurus out there, whom he calls foolrus. 

He is a man of The Most High Yah, Completing three years of Celibacy, abstaining until marriage which is a huge feat if you knew his past playboy/rich kid lifestyle! 

He is an Author, Musician, Filmmaker, Content creator, and Documentarian, among other traits, but I think one of his most potent gifts is his gift of oration. His public speaking and Ministry has audiences in awe worldwide! 

So welcome to Mashiach Assembly Ministries! The Place the Most High has placed him to be a mouthpiece for the Word that He wants to bring forth! As Uncle Yahshuah always says, “this is our King our Ha Mashiachs Assembly, not mine!!! 

So welcome to Mashiachs Assembly, the place to hear the unadulterated Word of the Most High Yah and not the doctrine of man. 

It’s time to repent, seek ye the Kingdom, die to the flesh, and come back into the Covenant of The Most High! 

And oh yeah, of course, Unc’s motto: