7 INCARNATIONS Revealed đź”´Divine Discussions Q&Ađź“ž-EP.41 (Ask Unc Yahshuah)

Q1: Mistol- why is this called Mashiach Assemblies when The Most High YAH is our one and only savior? No disrespect.
Time Stamp: 1:27:20

Q2: DalarasYAH- Is that why when we pray we say in the name of YAHS Son the YAHd son? Is it part of what YAHASHA said that we can only come to YAH through him?
Time Stamp: 1:45:25

Q3: WYAHt- Is that why old European emblems, flags and banners all have the heads of Hebrews on them or what they call Moorheads?
Time Stamp: 2:44:41

Q4: YAHshahYAHah- Is there a difference between converts and grafted in?
Time Stamp: 2:47:40

Q5: YAHnaqam YAHyazayan- Did the seven sisters/wicked ones, have a place in this seals creation?
Time Stamp: 3:14:37

Q6: LaraYAH- What is northern lights?
Time Stamp: 3:33:16

Q7: WYAHt- Wasn’t a lot of the babylonian new years festival a mockery of the hebrew new year?
Time Stamp: 4:19:22

Q8: Hebrew Logicetics- What are your thoughts on Sicarii israelite Camp?
Time Stamp: 4:20:15

Q9: YoshiYAHu- If someone repents in your soul/RaYHAk but didn’t say it out loud to YAH, is that still received?
Time Stamp: 5:04:27

7 INCARNATIONS Revealed đź”´Divine Discussions Q&Ađź“ž-EP.41 (ASK UNCLE YAHSHUAH)

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